Why should I stop breastfeeding MY baby just because she turned one?

This is more so expressing myself more than anything. As Squally quickly approaches the 15 month mark, I keep getting more and more questions of when I’m going to wean her off the breast and switch her to whole milk? Why on God’s green earth would I wean my HUMAN baby off of HUMAN milk and replace it was the tampered milk of a COW? In what way, would that benefit me, the universe, the people asking me, or her? Especially her?!

Sigh, this is one of the many downfalls of living in America; our ignorant society thinks that a baby older than 6 months should be switched to the milk of an animal as opposed to that of the person who conceived, carried, birthed, and cared for them. That concept is ridiculous and obsurd at BEST. There is nothing better for MY child than her own personal , never empty tap of liquid GOLD that is formulated to meet her needs on a constant basis every time her saliva comes into contact with my nipple. There’s no brand of milk that can do a better job of nourishing my baby than Her Mom Inc. and that’s how I’m going to feed her for as long as I want and more importantly, as long as she wants and NEEDS.

My daughter has shown no signs of disinterest in breastfeeding. If anything, she definitely likes my boobs more than she likes me. Anybody who interacts with us on a regular basis has witnessed her taking it upon herself to go into my shirt and service herself on a nice serving of mommy milk. While I understand how that could be uncomfortable for a bystander, especially because she’s old enough to get it for herself, being uncomfortable is enough reason to deem it unnatural or unnecessary. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing I’ve done in my life: and although people love to attempt to intimidate me into stopping, the answer is no.

So if Lariah decides that she still wants breastfeed until she walks across the stage at her high school graduation, then that’s a decision that she and I will make TOGETHER without anybody else’s input! I welcome questions about breastfeeding and my ideals and beliefs, so I hope that you all welcome my responses. I look forward to talking to my little toddler about her milk milk; and if my nourishing MY child making you uncomfortable is something you can’t deal with, then that really sucks for you. Because we don’t care. ??


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  1. Sierra Avatar

    We breastfed til 2. With her dad and I being split up it was hard to keep it going any longer. I couldn’t ever pump anything out so I couldn’t send it to go in a bottle. I remember when she turned one he raised hell with me because we were still nursing hardcore. Mornings naps night time and some in between. He wanted her to be able to stay overnight at that time and I wouldn’t let her unless I was with her BC of how strong we were still going. I couldn’t just cut her off with the snap of a finger. He just didn’t understand. I never fought I would come close to doing for 6 months let alone a year so when we talked about it while I was prego I said wed probably be done at around a year. When we hit that 1 yr mark I was so happy. I couldn’t believe we made it. When we had this conversation I didn’t know he’d spend that whole first year in jail and I didn’t think we wouldn’t be together so I never planned on atoppingnjust because everyone else wanted me to. I always said shed wean herself. I hate that it happened as soon as it did. But between staying with his mom and staying with me she just stopped at some point. She liked mommy milk but they kept giving her juice and reg milk as often as possible and it was over before I knew it. Best thing I’ve ever done for her and myself. I miss it most days and even though she’s 4 now if she were still wanting to bf I’d be perfectly OK with it if she never stopped. Its an amazing bond between mother and child. I know somewhere in Izzies mind she associates herself wit my boobs because she plays with em more than my fiance!!! Lol it doesn’t bother me though. We talk it about it freely. The first time she understood what I meant by she used to drink milk from! Them it was hilarious! Her face was priceless. Some people may find it strange or weird or innapropriate but I swear if I hadn’t lost the baby we were pregnant with last April and I were bfding now and she wanted to try it again I would let her. Just because its so much better for her than weigels vitamin d.

    1. lariajenae Avatar

      First of all, let me say, that this comment is BEAUTIFUL in every way! I don’t know what happened with the website, because this is my first time seeing it, but despite the difficulties, I’m so glad that you all got to share that experience! I’m sorry to hear about your loss; but I am also so inspired by your story! Congratulations on your engagement too!

      We are almost at 16 months now and this child is addicted to the boobie. haha. I have a couple of health professionals in my ear trying to tempt me to night wean her, but I am a firm believer in letting her wean herself when she gets ready! We shall see how it all plays out.

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