Where did Squally Muffin go?

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (click to follow/like now 🙃), I haven’t really gone anywhere because I post pretty regularly! I’ve been focusing on growth and expansion. But it also just takes me so much less time (and effort) to post a cute picture with a caption versus a blog post. However, please don’t misunderstand me, it still takes a LOT of time and effort!

This is where I spend all of my nonexistent free time. 🙃

But really though, life goes on.

*SURPRISE* I’m still in school; although I’m closer to graduating now than I ever have been! Mostly because time stands still for no one, but also because I’ve been working my butt off! May 2020, the Squally Squad is COMING FOR YOU!

Throw back to my graduation from undergrad here at UTK.

Moving right along, Muffin is 4 now and she just lost her first tooth a few days ago. If you paused when you read that because you know that Muffin was already missing 3 teeth..I hate you. Haha. Just kidding, but this is the first tooth that came out on its own and the new tooth is already growing in its place! To continue, she started at a new school in August and she is obsessed with it. While it was so hard moving on from her 1st school, this change really was the best decision for her and she’s thriving because of it!

Focus on the cute lack of teeth 🦷

So about last year… Focusing on Growth

Ultimately, I spent the majority of 2019 focusing on growth and expansion in several aspects of my life. While I do I believe I was successful on many levels, I acknowledge that I do struggle with commitment when it comes to my beloved blog. It has been so hard to justify spending time writing blog posts when I could be making memories with my family or studying for my career. Consequently, I chose to continue to focusing on my Instagram & Facebook pages. Rather than spreading myself way too thin, I recognized that I could do it all OR I could do a little bit less and be a little less stressed.  👏🏽💯

Regardless, it is a new decade and I’ll only be in school for a few more months; hence here we go again, giving it a good old try! The difference this time is that I’m NOT going to promise any sort of timeline or consistency. I want my blog to mirror the way I live my life: do a million necessary things and a handful of other.

The very unfortunate truth is this:

I started my clinical year of veterinary school in May of last year and it has been such a soul-crushing, life-changing experience. I wouldn’t wish vet school on my worst enemy; there is so much that is written off. “Eso si que es: it is what it is…”

Just because this is how it has been doesn’t mean that this is how it should be.

In spite of it all, I have to remind myself that I can do anything for 2 weeks; I chose that time frame because we change services/rotations every 2 weeks, with a few exceptions. All things can be accomplished with patience and perseverance. I like to say that all of my experiences are character building; that’s the gospel truth.

Getting ready to vaccinate some cows with my classmate. 🐮

To sum it up, I’ve learned that I can either “survive” OR I can rise up like a phoenix out of the ashes and thrive like the strong, educated black woman that I am! I have to continue focusing on growth and the things that will contribute to my ultimate success.

Keeping it pushing, all 2020!

In short, here I am. I am here. Trying again at this blogging thing. With all the intentions of growing and expanding as I have done so many times in my life. There is no failure; only good intention.

Where did Squally Muffin go? Nowhere. Here. I. Am.

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