“Tired as Mother” doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Y’all ? the past couple of days have been so mentally and physically DRAINING and FRUSTRATING that I’m pretty sure I should be in tears, but my head hurts and my blood pressure is low because I’m dehydrated because I still breastfeed my 2 year old and my throat hurts because I have an acute upper respiratory so swallowing liquids still hurts because I can’t get any real treatment because I’m still breastfeeding my 2 year old. ???insert the largest eye roll ever right here. And everywhere. Haha Yet here I am, still able to laugh at the ridiculousness that is my everyday life!! ? So grab your glass of w!ne and sit back and enjoy my struggles, because its story time ??

Let’s start at about 7am yesterday morning (11/21). It’s my husband’s 26th birthday! Yayyyyy! ? For once I don’t have class as the butt crack of morning (aka 8am); I have class at 10am. ? Wait, rewind a littleeee bit more: Saturday after 2 lovely homemade m@rgaritas by said husband, I woke up Sunday morning with what could only be one of 2 things, pressure in my ?head due to sinus issues or a hangover. Considering that I only had 2 margaritas while eating Chick-Fil-A after which I went straight to sleep even though it was like 5pm, I was super hesitant to deem this headache a hangover, although my husband thought it was pretty funny either way. ?? So Sunday I feel like crap all day. Head pounding. ? Stuffy. ? Getting light-headed if I’m on my feet too long. ?Random muscles aching. ? It was terrible, and naturally this carried over into Monday when I had class from 8-3 and Squalls had gymnastics at 6:15PM ? So the hubster and I took her to gymnastics, but I felt so crappy that I went out to the car and sat there and contemplated my life, because sleep was not coming my way like I had hoped. ??‍♀️??‍♀️ So I decided then that I’d take myself to the doctor in the morning because my husband’s birthday is Tuesday, we have to drive to my hometown Wednesday, the baby tour, I mean Thanksgiving, is Thursday, my birthday and several parties that we have to attend are Saturday, AND we have to drive back to KnoxVegas on Sunday. NOBODY has time to be sick with all of this traveling and being around people on their agenda!! Not to mention that Squally is constipated as all get out and only actually pooping every 4-5 days, but I’ll get to that! ?

So I’m up early because my wonderful, cosleeping 2 year old likes to punch and kick me in the face periodically throughout the night to make sure that I’m still there. So after being punched several times, I went and took my rightful place on the toilet where I was safe from hurt, harm, or danger. ? Haha. I got dressed and went to the doctor as a walk-in appointment and surprisingly got in and out of there in 30-45 minutes. Probably because I got there at sunrise. ? Haha. But they said that I probably had an acute upper respiratory infection that they couldn’t give me any real medications for because I made sure to inform them that I’m still breastfeeding and that my breastfeeding toddler is allergic to penicillins. ? So they prescribed me a steroidal nasal spray and lidocaine throat spray because my nasal passages were super inflamed and I would like to eat and drink without being in pain!

Feeling like I had accomplished something with my life, I went to Chick-Fil-A and got breakfast for the Squally Squad. My husband actually hates Chick-Fil-A… ? I KNOW.. who does that?? ??‍♀️ But fortunately, he does like their spicy chicken biscuits, which aren’t on their breakfast menu anymore, so the lovely wife that I am, I paid extra and waited 10 minutes for them to drop and cook a spicy chicken patty and put it on a biscuit for my stud muffin. I then happily returned home and woke up my sleeping family. Lariah woke up relatively happy and immediately took a hashbrown to crush, make a mess out of, and occasional take a bite of. Like men do, my husband took forever getting up. We had already finished eating before he finally woke up enough to eat his food. I’m sure it was cold, but hey, I tried!

Next, I went to class, came home for lunch, went back to class, and came back home again! I think I was home for good around 2:15pm, which is pretty dang good considering I only went to school at 10! I will dub that a very RARE vet school win! While I was gone, constipated Muffin dropped a very painful big one, so when I did come home for lunch, I called her pediatrician’s office to seek counsel on what to do next about her constipation and they scheduled us an appointment for the next day at 9:15 AM. When I got home for good, I told myself that I would deep clean our shower/tub thing as one of my husband’s birthday gifts. ??‍♀️?? (PASS NO JUDGMENT- haha) So Riah & I doused the bathtub & shower in cleaners and surprisingly she went down for a nap!! So I wash some clothes, fold up some diapers, and then I spent an hour and a half scrubbing and rinsing the tub. When I tell y’all that I am ASHAMED that I ever let my family clean themselves in this bathroom before I had done this THIS well, it looked spanking brand new it was so good! The white interior was shining and glistening! Mr. Clean himself was giving me a thumb up! And probably a thumb down too for not using his product, but whatever. ????

After that, I got trapped in the bed with the little nursling for a while, but once she got up from her nap, we started packing. I literally was packing from like 6pm to 12:30am and I only stopped because she was so cranky that she was about to lose it! So we got in the bed for the night, with more work to be done in the morning! ?

Now, its Wednesday morning. Also known as Thanksgiving’s Eve for all of us Thanksgiving fans. Naturally I got up at the crack of dawn again because that’s what moms do! So our friend came over at like 7:45 to get keys and security codes and what not to our house so he can watch our pets and plants. ???? Once he left, everyone in the house was up and getting ready to start this hectic day! Daddy had to go to work and we were going to hit the old dusty trail to Memphis when he got done. I had 5 errands that I needed to run in addition to Lariah’s doctor appointment, so we knew it was going to be a busy morning, but hopefully a smooth one! Of course, that’s not what happened at all.

Lariah & I arrived at her appointment 5 minutes early and we were checking in when the receptionist was asking me for her information. She giggled and informed me that I was at the wrong location… ??? I almost exploded! So, I grabbed my lovechild and rushed back to the car and sped to the correct office location! We were still in and out in 45 minutes, which is very reasonable considering that we were late. The prescribed her a stool softener ? that I would have to go pick up later, but I anticipated a prescription being written, so I had already planned for that. Plus I still had to pick up my own prescription from CVS, which is conveniently across the street from Walgreens where Lariah’s prescriptions are filled. Right at the corner of happy and healthy! So then we went to get something notarized for mommy, sell something from Facebook Marketplace, to pick up a new Elefriends Toothbrush ? from our local natural parenting store, Bohemian Baby since Squally so conveniently threw hers in the toilet, and then home again to check in with daddy and auntie to see if everybody was ready! Daddy was still finishing up some paperwork and I had already called CVS to see if my prescription that was put in the previous day had been filled and it wasn’t, they told me not to come until 12. So I loaded up my man’s card and headed to pick up our prescriptions in my car. I picked up Muffin’s with no problem, but mine on the other hand.. ugh. So I went through the drive-thru and they told me that they needed to see my prescription card. I’ve never had one of those, so I just gave them my insurance card. The lady was like, “This isn’t what I need; I don’t think this will work.” And I’m just thinking that its going to have to work because its all I have! She disappeared for a while and sent someone else to essentially say the same thing that she had already said. They said that my I could call my insurance company and figure it out and come back or I could pay for it outright and my insurance MIGHT refund me. At this point its already 12:30pm and we’re trying to get on the road! So I leave without my prescription because it was $80 without my insurance and the devil is a lie! ??‍♀️??

On the ride back home to switch cars and hit the road, I call my insurance company. I’m on the phone with them for what feels like forever explaining to them what happened and they’re like, “Oh, you need to speak to CVS Caremark. Not us. You want their number or should I transfer you?” TRANSFER ME WOMAN!!! All the while, I’ve made it home and Lariah’s and daddy are cranky and crying for no reason (okay, daddy may not have been crying, but still.) So they transfer me to CVS & explain the situation, but apparently the CVS rep either wasn’t listening or its her job to make me repeat all the exact same stuff. So I’m trying to put clothes in the dryer, talk to this woman, change a diaper, hang diapers on the drying rack, gain my sanity, and get on the road and all the while Lariah is crying in the background so me and the woman are essentially screaming at each other because we can’t hear! So I breastfeed Lariah and the woman tells me that I should receive a text message in 2-3 minutes that’ll give me a link to this alleged pharmacy card that I had never received or heard of in my life. So we get off the phone. We get on the road. I never get the text. Lariah goes to sleep. I’m irritated. AND THE WORLD ENDS!!! ??

Just kidding, I tried to call CVS back and realize that I never wrote down the number myself because when my insurance offered it to me, I was driving and unable to write it down. So Dr.Google comes in clutch with a number that got me almost directly to a HUMAN being after 3 tries. I explain my pathetic situation to this woman and she tells me that the text message method almost never works and asks me for my email. So she emailed me the link. I got the stupid card. Screenshotted it and saved it and all is well! NO. I call back the CVS in Knoxville and give them the information on the card. The woman goes, “Awesome, you’re finally all set! You can come pick up your prescription again!” Actually, I can’t lady, because I’m halfway between Knoxville and Nashville. So I asked her to transfer my prescription to a CVS in Memphis because that’s where I was going. She informs me that she can’t do that, but that she CAN put my prescription on hold and I can call the other CVS and ask them to fill it. “GREAT!” I exclaimed, “I’m going to call them right now.” WRONG. She tells me that it’ll take her about 40 minutes to put my prescription on hold…you’ve got to be kidding me. “Okay ma’am, thank you. I’ll call the other CVS in an hour. Have a great Thanksgiving.” ???

I hung up the phone and that’s when I started this blog post because..what is life? If you didn’t know, reading, typing, and sometimes existing makes me car sick. So I had to take many breaks while trying to write this post before I just gave up after almost throwing up all over my Surface Pro 4.

An hour passes and I call CVS in Memphis. Somebody literally picked the phone up and hung up in my face. They didn’t say anything. –– So I called right back and somebody answered and asked me to hold. 10 minutes into said hold, I took my sister’s phone and called the same CVS and got someone to answer in less than 60 seconds. –– I asked her if she could fill my prescriptions and she asked for my name. I told her, Laria Herod. After spelling my first and last name twice, she goes, “Do you mean Laria Nelson?” ––   I explained to her that my maiden name is indeed Nelson, but I is married now and my prescription isn’t under that name. Several awkward silence seconds later, we start this whole process over again and because apparently she couldn’t find the prescription under Laria Nelson. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT? Finally she finds my prescription and says, “Okay honey, we’ll have it ready in 2 hours.” Which is FINE with me because we were getting close to Nashville at this point since it took us forever to get out of Knoxville due the horrendous traffic!

AND THAT IS THE CONCLUSION OF MY CRAZY 2 DAYS!!! It is currently Black Friday and I couldn’t finish writing this Wednesday because I kept getting car sick or yesterday because i have a life ??‍♀️ And then when I did finally get to my parents house, I had to hurry up and take a Pharmacology quiz that I forgot about because.. that is my life.

If you made it this far and aren’t crying laughing at my horrible luck yet…you suck. Haha. Just kidding, but I seriously hope you enjoyed reading about my disasterous preparation for our trip to Memphis for Thanksgiving! Until next time peeps!

Squally Muffin’s Mama- OUT! Shameless ad: if you love my “Tired as a mother” shirt as much as I do ➡️ ?

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