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  • What’s a good bed time for children?

    What’s a good bed time for children?

    Last week, my god-mother tagged me in a picture on Facebook that detailed the time that you’re children should be going to bed from “sleep-trained” baby to graduation. I didn’t save the picture because I’m slow, but if I recall correctly, it started at like 6pm for a baby and went up 15 mins every…

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  • Sleeping Training… we’re not so good at it ??

    Sleeping Training… we’re not so good at it ??

    So a couple of weeks ago, we visited a sleep specialist here in Knoxville to try to get Squally on an actual, existent sleep schedule..  feel free to refer back to the previous post about it to see all the fabulous deats, do’s, and don’ts! Sleep and Scheduling: Attempting the BIG TRANSITION from co-sleeping to…

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  • Our first FULL week of scheduled toddler activities!

    Our first FULL week of scheduled toddler activities!

    Squally is not enrolled in anybody’s daycare. Why? Because I don’t believe that there is any daycare flexible and focused enough to give me the peace of mind that I need to succeed while I’m at school. I am potentially going to enroll her in daycare once she starts talking, but for now, we have…

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  • New year, new mom-me ?

    New year, new mom-me ?

    Squally Muffin would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!   She started off the new year trying, yet again, to eat some oatmeal with a spoon, and as you can see in the picture, that did not go very well…so she said forget it and used her hands! She even put some in…

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  • I seriously canNOT make these things up…

    I take pride in my ability to keep up with Squally and her unpredictable shenanigans on most days, but let me tell you, team her up with a hyper dog and we have some TROUBLE!  Lariah loves animals: that should come as no surprise because her mommy is in hell, I mean school, to be…

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  • Getting active and socializing!

    Getting active and socializing!

    If you ask anybody about Lariah, they will tell you that she is the sweetest, most social child ever. And I’d proudly have to agree. Although I can’t quite decide whether it’s 100% bad or good, my baby has never had a single hint of stranger danger. She will walk up to anybody anywhere and…

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