Sleeping Training… we’re not so good at it ??

So a couple of weeks ago, we visited a sleep specialist here in Knoxville to try to get Squally on an actual, existent sleep schedule..  feel free to refer back to the previous post about it to see all the fabulous deats, do’s, and don’ts!

Sleep and Scheduling: Attempting the BIG TRANSITION from co-sleeping to crib!

Today we did something very different; we had our first consultation with a pediatric sleep specialist. Yes, you read that right: a pediatric SLEEP โ€ฆ

Sleep and Scheduling: Attempting the BIG TRANSITION from co-sleeping to crib!

We gave up after about.. eh, 2 days! BUT let me tell you WHY!’s mainly because sleep training is a lot of work and we (the Squally Squad) lack the motivation, inspiration, and dedication to conquer a task of this caliber! And I’m not one bit ashamed about it! Lariah USED to be on a great sleep schedule, so I know that she IS capable of abiding by a sleep schedule IF I had the patience and will-power to endure the terribleness to reestablish it; not only do I lack those, but I also don’t have the TIME OR ENERGY because I am a VETERINARY school student, MOM, WIFE, and citizen of the United States of America!

While I pride myself on being “SuperMom”, as many people affectionately call me, I am willing to admit that yes, I do hate that Squally doesn’t go to bed early, but I DON’T mind that she doesn’t go to bed at the same time every day. I don’t mind that she still nurses throughout the night. I don’t mind that she is still cosleeping. I don’t mind that I’m significantly more tired because I can’t afford to be even MORE tired to try to establish a more rhythmic sleeping routine. I have FAILED at sleep training, and that’s parenthood and LIFE.

I can’t be good at everything. Sheesh. Haha. But seriously, it’s asking a lot of a person to come home from work or school or wherever and tell them that their toddler cannot nap past 2pm when you didn’t get home until after 5pm. Your toddler can’t sleep in your bed and every time they get out of their bed, you have to put them back and ignore them. I’m sure these things WORK and are effective, but my child is stage 5 clinger because her mommy is a stage 5 clinger. As much as she gets on my nerves sometimes, as all children do, I love being around her and I love our nightly cuddles and nursing sessions.

We tried it. We sucked. So I’ll still be up until midnight or later waiting on Lariah to go to bed; do I like it? No. But if everything was meant to be liked, then “dislike” wouldn’t be a word!

Sooooo moral of the story is this; I can tell you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing to sleep train your baby, but I can’t help you DO it because I can’t do it myself. ? ooooh well! โค๏ธ

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