Real life: Saturday morning with a 3 year old

I made us both “cookies” (cinnamon toast crunch). Hers can’t have milk in it because that’s “ew” ?

I’m studying and she’s on her ipad; we’re both doing our thing. GREAT. 

She finishes her cookies. 

Me: “Do you want grapes, strawberries, or oranges?”

Riah: “chips!”

Me: “that was not an option.. grapes, oran…”

Riah: “CHIPS!!! *KNOCKS OVER IPAD in a fit of toddler RAGE*???

Me: “go to time out” ?

Riah: *the most epic meltdown of all time*

After about 2 minutes of screaming in time out, she decides its time to get out of time out and come give me a hug. I like hugs, so I forgot that she ended her time-out on her own accord. Then she found a dum-dum sucker on the floor (in the wrapper) and shoves it at me and demands “OPEN.” ?

Me: “we’re not eating candy right now. let’s go put on some clothes.” (she was only in a diaper)

We go pick out a sweater and some socks. After we put them on, she’s sitting in the bed holding a tube of CJ’s Shea Butter, but quiet. So I used this opportunity to respond to a couple texts. ?

She was quiet.. TOO quiet.. ?

I turn around and she has way too much shea butter all over her leg and is applying more. ???

I take the tube and salvage what I can and then remove her socks to rub it into her legs and feet. I notice that one of her toenails is chipped and needs to be clipped. ??

I grab her fingernail clippers and she has….

You guessed it: another meltdown. ?

In an effort to bribe her, I offer her that sucker that I said she couldn’t have 3 minutes prior to this. ?

I go get it and she’s screaming AS SHE’S EATING the sucker. ? #fail

Since I’m already struggling, I go ahead and clip all of her toenails, because why subject myself to this again at another time? She HATES it and kicks and screams and does all the ridiculous 3 year old things. ??‍♀️

But then she gives me her hand and sits PERFECTLY still to get her fingernails cut. ????

After this very near failure, I check my phone again, surely only for 20 seconds. I look up and she has drug the clothes basket to the edge of the bed and is preparing to jump into it!

I take my backpack out of it since it was no longer safe from her WRATH in it and put it on the bed. She gets in the basket and back out pretty quickly and then decides to raid my backpack..which was in the basket to be away from her in the FIRST PLACE. 

The first thing she finds: Cheetos. 

She throws the bag of Cheetos at my head *doink*: “OPEN”. ?

Me: “Lariah, you’ve never even had cheetos and its too early for chi…”

Riah:” OPEN… please ? ?


I open the chips.

She sees that the chips don’t look like lays and she gives the bag back to me: “no, thank you” ?

Me: “you need to eat these chips that you asked me to open…”

Riah: *inserts croccodile tears* “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

We tussle. JK. We go back and forth and she screams and then she finally bites the cheeto.

Riah: “YUM!” *proceeds to happily eat cheetos and share them with her turtle*

After this very long 10 minutes, we’re back in the kitchen, and she put her sucker in a cup to return to after she finishes eating her chips, both of which I said she couldn’t have. 

#momLife 🙂

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