Potty training has been described to me as one of the hardest things to “teach” our toddlers; especially if we try to force it before they’re ready! ??
Lariah is only 1, 12 months exactly, but she’s getting to the point where she gives all kinds of signals that she’s using the bathroom. In this picture she’s laughing because we caught her pooping! She was squatting and scratching her legs, until I started flashing the camera. ??

She’s been doing this since she was about 10 months; so my husband and I decided that we’d start testing the potty training waters when we completely depleted our diaper stockpile! That should be in the next 1-2 weeks. ?

So I’ve been couponing and starting my pull-up stock pile. We haven’t decided which company, if any, that we’re going to commit our daughter’s boodle’s fate to just yet! But it’s definitely between Huggies and Pampers! (So far Target, with their gift cards, and Walgreens, with their rewards points, have been the best as far as getting diapers super cheap via couponing and catching sales! Sometimes Kroger too.)

What brand of pull-ups do you all prefer?

When did you start potty training?

I’m always curious to see what other parents are doing since I am still a first time mom, a full time medical student, and a voracious learner!!

Here’s Squally sitting on her “pot-pot” for the first time this morning! Did she actually potty, nope. BUT she enjoyed sitting on it and talking to and playing with mommy as we both made an attempt to do our business. ???

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