Potty training is no overnight feat. It takes months of daily dedication, routine formation and maintenance, and consistency from everyone around the toddler in training. The Squally Muffin team is VERY far from that type of dedication, for many reasons, but none of which are an excuse for not maintaining more consistency. As of yesterday, I finished my first semester of veterinary school and for the next couple of weeks, my family gets to have my undivided attention! Thank God for small favors and blessings!

Lately, Squally likes to pass gas on the pot, but nothing else. Like yesterday, I sat on the pot with her for 15 minutes and all she did was ?. So she stood up like she usually does when she’s done and she proceeded to pee on her pretty blue pants that were still around her ankles. All I could do was laugh and change her pants!

This morning, Lariah did her usually, farting on the potty pot, but nothing else. Then she kinda half stood up and leaned forward and was making the pooping face of doom…and ah ha! She pooped in the potty!! Our cat came in the bathroom to help us celebrate.

Squally is still breastfeeding, so she’s always drinking from the boobie, drinking water, or juice- in short, she “Always. Be. Hydrating!” like Larry the Lobster says on that one episode of Spongebob Squarepants ?  so no solid poops for us. I’m not even sure when her poops are supposed to start being solid, but I’m sure she and I both prefer the liquidy poops because they’re easier to push out. ??

Until next time fellow parenting experts and spectators!

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