As I sit here on the toilet across from my daughter on her Potty Pot, I was googling some potty training songs and videos to play for her specifically when we’re having our mommy daughter potty time.

As I was looking at the search results, I started thinking about how scientists don’t recommend introducing babies to too much technology; especially before the age of two.

While I can see the logic behind that, my daughter has had an iPad since she was about 5 months and it has been instrumental in successfully completing long car rides/ road trips and so far keeps her interested on the Potty Pot. So where’s the harm in that? I mean, she’s one, she says mama, dada, and cat regularly and is starting to point out familiar pictures in her books; but I must attribute some of that success to her Fisher Price Alphabet, Numbers, and Shapes app on her iPad.

So I guess my point is, different strokes for different folks! We are still VERY early in this potty training process, aka just letting her acclimate herself to sitting on the Potty Pot, but I have some SERIOUS respect for my mom and all the mom’s like and before her who didn’t have the luxury of these fancy cell phones and tablets to entertain us while we try to reach these milestones!!

What are your thoughts on technology and potty training? Let’s talk!

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