Our first FULL week of scheduled toddler activities!

Squally is not enrolled in anybody’s daycare. Why? Because I don’t believe that there is any daycare flexible and focused enough to give me the peace of mind that I need to succeed while I’m at school. I am potentially going to enroll her in daycare once she starts talking, but for now, we have a lovely home bound arrangement. With that being said, I also don’t want her at home all day everyday! She is a very social and friendly child and I want to culture those qualities.

Before moving to Knoxville, Squally was enrolled in kindermusik classes and swimming lessons. She also assisted mommy in babysitting her best friend, Clayton, so she was being socialized heavily! While I wanted to keep her just as active post-move, there’s a huge a adjustment period associated with starting veterinary school. We had a hard time figuring out schedules with just my classes and my husband’s job alone, so in October she restarted gymnastics at the Little Gym (she did a couple of classes over the summer) and she also attended some playdate/ meetings with Parents As Teachers, but nothing regularly scheduled other than gymnastics.

Here we are now in semester two of vet school and my team and I have had ample time to mentally prepare for much more ripping and running! Let me list out Squally’s weekly activites:

Mondays: gymnastics at the Little Gym at 10:30am

Tuesdays: Kindermusik Class at 10:30am

Wednesdays: TT & Baby yoga classes at 1:15pm

*this is obviously not yoga, but she does yoga in her Tula with her TT Lori*

(we’re considering adding in a baby art class on Wednesdays at 10, we shall see)

Thursdays: Playdate with her favorite twins

ignore the cloth diapers, their mom was educating me!

Fridays: a day of restful play and a break from running across the city, FOR NOW. But she does have mini piano lessons at home with her TT ?

I won’t pretend like this isn’t a hassle, because it is. With 3 adults and 2 cars, and 4 schedules, we definitely have to do some dropping off and picking up, but last week was our first full and successful week, despite a minor setback with TT Lori coming down with me and Lariah’s  cold.

So for those who are concerned about Squally not being in daycare, you can be reassured that she is still well socialized, active, and mentally stimulated all the time.

I say all of that to say this: its important to get your children involved and have hobbies and extracurricular activities. Squally Muffin is only 15 months, but we do all of this to instill the drive and get-up-and-go attitude early! I’m sure as she gets older, the activities will change, but the desire to get involved and be a part of a group will not!

What activities do you do with your children? Or plan to do? What do they offer in your city? Let’s start a dialogue about baby-toddler-child actives!


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