New year, new mom-me ?

Squally Muffin would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  

She started off the new year trying, yet again, to eat some oatmeal with a spoon, and as you can see in the picture, that did not go very well…so she said forget it and used her hands! She even put some in her hair as a new conditioner ??

The dawning of a new year means for many people, adopting new habits. While I am not necessarily a fan of doing so, I do plan on trying to do some things differently, like trying to post on here more often, getting Squally into more activities, and getting my family into a more scheduled way of life. 

I got Squally all dressed up to go to the grocery store this afternoon and she decided to finish my breakfast while she was waiting on mommy and auntie to finish getting dressed.  

Somehow instead of the grocery store, we ended up at Guitar Center, but Squally doesn’t mind.

Anyway, this year, I want to focus on being a better mom- which ultimately means being a better multitasker and is in no way demeaning my previous mom skills, cause I’m pretty dang good! ?

Here’s a list of some things we specifically want to focus on:

1. We have officially switched over to cloth diapering and training pants, so there will be many posts about that. 

2. Healthier eating for baby and maybe mommy. Mostly baby. ? 

3. Socializing. Socializing. Socializing. 

4. Hair and body maintenance for this melanin popping baby. ?? 

5. Reading more books! 

6.  Education in general; but specifically languages. 

7. Whatever else decides to be important to me for the development of my daughter because she’s mine and I can do that. ?? 

I hope to advocate for companies and causes that I support and provide a helpful laugh to other moms and whoever else makes the mistake of actually reading what I write! 

I appreciate those who interacted with us last year and I plan on continuing to educate and entertain as I continue literally tripping through vet school, my marriage, and my parenting struggles!  

Squally says,”bye bye” for now, because mommy has to go change her!  ??

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