Hey Guys!

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but family & school comes first. Surely you guys understand! 🙂 I always post on Instagram, but sometimes keeping up with posting regularly is difficult.

SO this post is about the next event that I’m attending and I am OH SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! Its MOMMYCON!!! If you haven’t checked out my old posts, I went to MommyCon last year with some friends in my hometown of Memphis, but this year the MommyCon closest to me is in Charlotte, NC, so that’s where I’m going!

I can barely contain the excitement! It’s going to be great to be surrounded by fellow crunchy moms who share some of the same parenting beliefs that I do! MommyCon is basically the go to for all your normal parenting questions in the form of a convention with conveniently located vendors selling related product and speakers divulging knowledge on some parenting hot topics such as car seats, feeding, cloth diapers, and baby-wearing.

Save the date guys: it’s May 5th and I’m sure I’ll be all over my Instagram and hopefully here too keeping you guys updated on all the fun we’re having and all the new things I’m learning!

Here is the Schedule for MommyCon Charlotte!

I’m most excited about the Picky Eating session with Dawn Winkelmann by EZPZ and potty training!

I also can’t wait to go to the Grovia Booth and get some ICE CREAM! 🙂

Be on the lookout peeps!

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