Seeking Answers, Being Heroes, and Making Slime With Hero Elementary

This post is sponsored by Hero Elementary on PBS KIDS.

Who says that we have to be a scientist to love science? We don’t! Our household has been intentional in trying to use everyday moments to teach valuable lessons. We love that this same methodology is the basis of one of our favorite shows, Hero Elementary on PBS KIDS. In addition to this, Hero Elementary helps spark a love of science among young children. It guides them to realize they too have Superpowers of Science; which will enable them to solve problems when they think and act like scientists. We don’t need a laboratory to practice science; we can make a difference in our own backyards AND beyond by actively doing science.

Feeling particularly inspired, we took it upon ourselves to have some fun with science by making some slime with Hero Elementary, courtesy of Science Buddies. Why slime? Lots of kids love slime and playing with it is such a sensory experience. Slime is also surprisingly easy to make with a few key ingredients. How cool is it that we can conduct a real investigation with items that we can easily find around the house? Here is a link to the recipe and instructions.

Here’s a list of the needed ingredients:

Washable PVA School Glue (Like Elmer’s Glue)
Baking Soda
Contact lens solution (must contain boric acid and sodium borate)
And food coloring for customization
Identifying the Science

When preparing for this project, I did not realize that so many lessons would be yielded from it. Here are just a few that Muffin took away:

  1. It is possible to turn a liquid like water, into a solid.
  2. Mixing ingredients can cause a chemical reaction to yield a new substance.
  3. Mixing colors makes new colors.

Conducting this investigation was such an eye-opening experience for us! What makes me feel the best as a mother is seeing Muffin be proud of herself when she can explain a new concept! Growing up, I always felt like science had to be done in a controlled environment like at school, but Hero Elementary helps me support my daughter in seeing and investigating the science that is present in her surroundings. There is nothing quite like experiencing that AHA! moment when new knowledge is learned.

Encouraging Investigation

The science curriculum followed in making slime with Hero Elementary, and the show in general addresses, address crucial components of children’s learning. Strengthening the ability to develop and test ideas while feeding their confidence to ask questions are a few skills known to contribute to enhanced learning in other subjects. Truly all learning is good learning when you’re using your Superpowers to affect change within your bubble.

Thank you for reading and learning with us! Please check out our previous blog posts about our experiences with Hero Elementary and watch Hero Elementary on PBS KIDS. Check your local listings for times, or watch anytime on or on the PBS KIDS video app!

This post is sponsored by Hero Elementary on PBS KIDS.

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