Before I get too far into this controversial topic, we ALL know that I am a PROUD breastfeeding mama and I am more than willing to feed my child any and everywhere she decides to get hungry. That is just me! But there are many considerations that need to be taken into account when one is deciding whether or not they should feed formula, breastmilk, or both!

I hear lots of rumor that feeding formula is more convenient and the easy way out, but I don’t feel that way at all! What’s easier than pulling up my shirt and saving the day?? There’s no bottle necessary, no double checking the diaper bag for milk, none of that. Baby starts fussing? Boob. In. Mouth. Done. ✅ but even more than that, breastfeeding is cheaper. What’s cheaper than free? I don’t have to roll out of bed and fix a bottle or anything like that. We cosleep, so she starts stirring- boob in mouth. Done. She’s back asleep. It’s the most beautiful, powerful use of my breast that I never knew I was capable of!

Obviously, I’m not a fan of formula, but I get it. I will forever feel like breast is best,  but technology is pretty snazzy, meaning that although formula will never be breastmilk, it’s definitely the next best thing! And there are a million options of formula too. Not all babies take well to all formulas, so it may not be in your best interest to stock up on a formula before you know if baby’s digestive system agrees with it. I would throw in a breastfeeding plug here and say that you don’t have that problem with breastmilk, BUT I have heard of some people’s children having adverse reactions to their mom’s milk, which I don’t understand how that’s possible and don’t know how valid that is, but either way, there can be tummy problems with either I suppose.

So when deciding how you want to nourish your baby, you need to be realistic and economical: can you afford the milk? Do you have a plan to get it? Do you have a support system that’ll assist you in purchasing it. Baby’s go through formula sooooo fast, so it can get expensive really quickly. So start gathering and collecting coupons and peeping sales if that’s what you want to do! There is also government assistance for those who qualify, but even then, they don’t provide you with ALL of the milk that baby needs, just a good amount. Also you’ll need to invest in bottles of course and have a large enough supply to give yourself some slack for those days where it just seems like nothing is going right.

I won’t pretend like there’s not a financial investment in breastfeeding because there is, but only for expressing and bottle feeding. Feeding from the tap is essentially free, with no strings attached, but that’s not an option for many working mommies. Your health insurance is supposed to provide you with a breast pump and the main accessories, so if they do, you’re back down to free.99! It really just depends on your provider.

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