I don’t know about you all, but my mom is and was VERY dramatic. She used to go on and on and ON about how leaving us under X, Y, & Z circumstances used to break her heart; I always thought she was exaggerating until I started having to leave my baby! And at first leaving her at all was a struggle. Especially because she spent 95% of the first 10 months of her life with mommy every day!
Well, as a veterinary school student, animal emergencies and classes are not excused every time my daughter gets sick! Especially since I’m a member of the very small group of parenting students!
So as I sit in this cold building, waiting to begin this equine physical diagnosis lab, I’d give both my kidneys and a lobe of my liver to be snuggled up with my Squally Muffin ??
*this picture is from 3am this morning as we were struggling to break her vaccination induced fever ? *

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