I’m almost ashamed to admit that… mommy did it ???

For those who have been following Squally, it’s common knowledge that I always give her daddy a hard time about doing stuff wrong. I’m his wife so that’s my job. But today, Squally Muffin made me have a “daddy did it” moment. ?? 

No, I didn’t forget the diaper bag, but in the diaper bag, I did not pack an extra outfit. ? As we finished up shopping at Target,  I remembered seeing her blank stare of doom that is almost 100% indiciative of her pooping. I’m afraid of public bathrooms in general, but I’m especially afraid of Targets’ bathrooms because they are supposedly “gender neutral” and while I support the idea, I don’t trust people to use the bathroom responsibly! So I went to the fitting rooms to change Lariah’s diaper and BOY did she drop a BOMB. It was immediately all over the bench, changing pad, up her back, and many other terrible places. So I cleaned her up, put on a new pull-up, and returned back to the baby section to pick out an outfit for her. Thank God I hadn’t left target and moved on to my next store like I had previously planned on doing!!

Anyway, being the bargain shopper that I am, I refused to buy a full-priced outfit and of course the Target Cartwheel app didn’t have any savings for baby clothes other than outer wear, so I ended up buying her a red boys jump suit and a green shirt out of the little boys department because they were on clearance. ??

Here’s a picture of my sleeping beauty after we finally got home from running the remainder of our errands. 

For once I can say, mommy did it.  ??

Also, I think daddy learned from his last POOP adventure because this past Monday, he had to take Lariah to gymnastics again and he couldn’t find her diaper bag because it was in my car. Y’all won’t believe what he did! 

He packed his own diaper bag!!! 

I was so proud and pleasantly surprised!! You go daddy pooh! 

Apparently, mommy AND daddy did it! What are the odds of that? ?

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