I seriously canNOT make these things up…

I take pride in my ability to keep up with Squally and her unpredictable shenanigans on most days, but let me tell you, team her up with a hyper dog and we have some TROUBLE! 

Lariah loves animals: that should come as no surprise because her mommy is in hell, I mean school, to be a veterinarian! ? but Lariah’s love for animals, specifically hyper, jumpy dogs is conditional- she only wants to play with them on her terms. If she didn’t approach them and they approach her too fast, she’s running away. It’s okay though, she secretly likes it. 

Anyway, we were visiting Grandmother and Grandfather Muffin Bear, so Squally is reunited with her first true partner in crime: the Buttons Man, a small Pekingnese, Chihuahua, Poodle mix breed that I got my parents for Christmas about 3 years ago now. Buttons, although having been through several dog training classes, has no home training and will jump on anybody and anything, Squally included, but jumps and scratches aside, Lariah and Buttons are besties. 

Lariah shares everything with him: her toys, her food, her mommy’s expensive Ugg Boots, the fancy couch pillows, her friend’s toys,  her grandfather’s house shoes, and the remote. Just to name a few. Believe it or not, Buttons is sometimes willing to share with Squally too, especially his dog food and water. ???

So here’s what happened: I was drying Lariah’s cloth diapers and training pants when the dryer cut off unexpectedly. She wants standing right in from of the tv watch the Octonaunts and about 3 steps away from Buttons, who was tethered to the wall. I think to myself,”okay, she’s far enough away from him that I can run and check these diapers.” 

Wrong. Answer. 

I ran back there, opened the dryer to find the diapers still wet, closed the dryer, and restarted it. I couldn’t have been gone longer than 20 seconds. All exaggerating aside. As I walked back into the den, I saw Squally standing back up after picking up something small, black, and round off the floor from right next to Buttons that was NOT there when I ran away.. I screamed,”no ma’am!!” So of course she abruptly put it in her mouth. ?

It. Was. Dog. Poop. ? 

She immediately spit it out and started wiping her tongue and I fell out laughing. ?? I took her upstairs, changed her outfit because she had smeared the saliva-ridden poop in her PJs, and brushed her teeth..forever. 

I can’t even blame her daddy because he didn’t travel with us. ?? 
And that was the time that Squally Muffin ate dog poop. 

The end. 


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2 responses to “I seriously canNOT make these things up…”

  1. Erin Norman Avatar

    This was HILARIOUS!! You have a gift for writing! Keep em coming!

    1. lariajenae Avatar

      Thanks girly! I surely will. Working on my next post now!

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