WOW! There has been a LOT going on in the SquallyFam house and I am FINALLY getting a break following 7 exams being stretched over 3 weeks here at the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s College of Veterinary Medicine; so I can now guiltlessly update you guys on what we’ve been doing!

So let’s outline some thing’s that are new and in the works that we want to share!

  1. We are an advocate for Grovia diapers! ***GET EXCITED!*** This should come as no surprise because we absolutely LOVE Grovia’s diapers! We are totally loving some other diaper brands too, but that’s a conversation for another day! In case you missed it, Ms. Squally Muffin was featured on Grovia’s Instagram page rocking their new Heartspring Diaper which is meant to raise funds and awareness about autism. Besides the print being BEYOND cute, a portion of every sale is being donated to an autistic school in honor of this artistically inclined 19 year old young man named Trent. Justtttt AWESOME!
  2. We have tried this new set of fork and spoons specially designed to encourage self-feeding and autonomy in our little toddler and we LOVE them! The brand is called Grabease and as implied by the name, Lariah can grab them with ease and put her own food in her mouth! It’s been awesome and if you haven’t already, you should most definitely check them out!
  3. It only makes sense to discuss EZPZ mats next because you need a plate to eat your food off of and what’s better than a silicon mat that is microwave and dishwasher safe? These great mats and bowl by EZPZ also encourage self-sufficiency in eating and they also help reduce the associated mess that comes along with babies learning to feed themselves! We are an affiliate for EZPZ mats too; so if you have any questions or would like to see these awesome 
    products in action, just ask! (Our Camelbak water bottle and Adams & Eve juice made it into our picture too)
  4. Just as essential as eating and diapering, you also have to actually dress well! Yes, Squally is naturally cute, as are all babies, but we have teamed up with a couple of clothes brands to help spread some cute baby/ toddler fashion! The It Kids Boutique is my first and favorite and here is why: when I first ordered from them, I was afraid because I’m not a fan of buying clothes that I haven’t ever seen in person. I’ll even admit that when our outfits got here I was even MORE skeptical because they looked too big and like they just wouldn’t fit Lariah right…but I was WRONG! They fit GREAT! The customer service is awesome and the pricing is pretty dang good to be getting an entire outfit! We’ve posted a few picture of Ms. Muffin in some of her It Kids Boutiques outfits and we will be posting more!
  5. On the other side of cute dressing, there’s also This Kid Clothing Company which focuses more on cute T-shirts with funny sayings, accessories, potentially matching outfits with siblings and parents, and things of the like! We are still in our infancy with rocking our clothes from them, but that is up and coming, so be on the look out!
  6. We have advertisements on our website for various baby product companies and just family friendly companies in general: these are all companies that we know and love and while I may not have gotten around to posting about them as MUCH, I will and they are awesome and would NOT be on our page if we didn’t think so!
  7. I have completely fallen down the JuJuBe rabbit hole and have been buying up all the Juju I can find! So if the interest is there, I’ll definitely be posting about them and can potentially show off neatly packed they can be and how useful and cost efficient they really are!

That is a brief synopsis brand/company-wise of some of the great things in the workings here at SquallyMuffin.com! I am working on some more blog posts discussing some topics that new moms would definitely be interested in reading and hopefully chiming in about (or moms of newborns). At some point in the near future we may be taking another stab at sleeping training, but you know…you win some and you lose some, so be looking out for that!

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I'm a wife, a mother to Squally Muffin, a student at UTCVM, a friend to many, and a future Dr.

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