We all can appreciate the little humor that we get out of those priceless “I told you so” parenting battle moments: Well, as always, my husband added yet another “I told you so” to his long, plentiful list.

I always tell him to take the diaper bag with him every time they leave the house. Even if you’re just running to the grocery store! You never know what you’ll need out of it when you least expect it.

Lariah has gymnastics class every Monday at 10:30 and I’m usually in class, so it’s up to daddy to take her. Per usual, he barely got up in enough time to get both of them dressed and rushed off to gymnastics. Toward the end of class, Lariah isolated herself from her friends and was looking very concerned. When my husband walked over to her, his nose immediately told him that she had pooped, but this was a poop EXPLOSION. The poop had leaked through her outfit; and guess who didn’t bring the diaper bag?!


So Lariah and daddy had to leave gymnastics early and drive 25 minutes back home to put her in the shower. ??

Per usual, DADDY DID IT. ?

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