FINALLY: successful car seat installation check!! And all of the “need to know” info they imparted on me!

For those who have been following, I’ve been struggling to get Lariah’s big girl car seat securely installed in my car. I did my research and made several attempts to seek out help from my local police and fire departments as publicized, just to be told that they either don’t do that or don’t have any trained techs on staff (during my visits) to do so.

After being given the run around, I was told that the Knoxville Police Department would be hosting a car seat installation check on November 12,  so we made plans to go!

Upon arrival at said location, I was initaly afraid that it may have been a trap because there was nobody there except a bunch a signs telling me where to drive and stop at a stop sign. So we stopped. And waited. Nothing. Drove around again. Stopped. Waited. And then this cute,little, old man came out with a clipboard for me to fill out and some instructions!

Turns out they were doing the installations inside of these garages to keep everyone from being out in the cold! Very sweet. So once a car left, we pulled in and they proceeded to properly install our car seat! Here’s what I learned:

– you want your car seat to have some give between it and the front seats: it needs some rebound room in case of an accident. Too stuff is bad.

– Rear facing is the SAFEST for your little one, provided that they can still sit rear facing comfortable.

– READ the instructions on the side of your car seat at the LEAST. They give you the specifics of your seat and guide you on a quick installation.

– Write your contact information, your child’s pediatrician, and an emergency contact person’s info and tape it to the bottom of your car seat. Make sure it’s out of site to someone looking in the car. Emergency crews know to look for it!

While these signs are cute and let other people know that you have precious cargo on board, it also alerts pedophiles. Keep that in mind if you decide to keep one in your car. A car seat being in the car is indication enough to look for the child in the case of an emergency.

These mirrors, although they gave me piece of mind on many of a road trip, they are a distraction and are not recommended. Another preference thing.

– Be aware of the weight and hardness of toys and objects you give your child while in the car: these are the things that can possibly hit your child in the case on an accident. If you were going 70 mph, that object will hit them going that fast too.

I also asked about the mirrors that you can put in for the baby to see themselves, they also declared those dangerous.

So soft books, like bath time books, plush toys, and put everything else in the trunk!!

Did I think some of this info was a bit melodramatic, yes, but I wanted to share with you all what was shared with me! Take all advice with a grain of salt and pick what works best for you and your family!

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