And Then There Were 4… Baby Muffin #2 is Baking!

So many new exciting things have been happening in the Squally Muffin Household! Literally a whirlwind of excitement!

One that I’m sure many of you have been waiting YEARS for is spoiled right in the title. Yes, it is true! We are officially pregnant with Baby Muffin #2 and we could not be more thrilled for this new addition! We formally announced this a couple of weeks ago on Instagram/Facebook.

With this news, I have such big plans for sharing this journey with you all! If you can recall, Muffin is 6 years old now, so I’m a few years removed from the newborn game, but that doesn’t make me any less excited! We shared a little more information about where we are in this pregnancy in this follow-up post.

Because I appreciate the love and support that I get from you all more than you can imagine, I like to keep things spicy and share tidbits in different places! So here is some Baby Herod #2 that I haven’t shared anywhere else yet!

Baby Muffin #2 Origin Story
  • I had my IUD taken out Summer 2021. I wanted to give my body some time to have a few cycles prior to trying for a baby!
    • For those who are curious: I had the Kyleena & loved it.
  • Next, I spent a few months tracking my cycle and really getting in tune with my body.
  • I took a cheapie pregnancy test on 10/23/21- it was negative.
  • Because I knew my ovulation & we were intentional in our efforts, I didn’t let that discourage me!
  • I took another cheap test on 10/25; it’s pictured to the right!
  • Because a line is never enough, I went and purchased a digital test immediately afterword & I’ll let the video below speak for itself!

Of course, I had to phone a friend or two to scream with excitement, but then we had serious work to do! We had to decide how I wanted to break the news Muffin & Daddy! Spoiler alert, we figured it out and I told them the same day, you’ll have to wait for that video.

I know y’all typically prefer to text, DM, call me etc, but as always feel free to ask any questions below!

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