Elsa, Thanks for Facilitating a Love for Learning and School

A love for learning and school is so crucial for our children. I am very anal when it comes to my daughter’s education because I want to set her up for success in whatever ways I can. When I say that Muffin loves her school; MUFFIN LOVES HER SCHOOL! In a zombie apocalypse, if Lariah had to pick between her parents and her school, I think she would genuinely have a hard time deciding and still pick school. Does it make a me a LITTLE salty, yes, but mostly I’m just proud.

As I mentioned on my instagram page, Muffin’s school has this cute class koala bear named Elsa; I had no idea that Elsa existed until this past Friday when I went to pick up Muffin and every child in her classroom told me that Lariah was taking Elsa home. *Nod and smile; just nod & smile*. I finally figured it out when I found my child and she had the koala bear and a black book that had the words “Elsa Book” written on the front. After a quick skim of the book, I knew what was happening and I was not prepared!

Elsa & her associated book got to go home with a member of Lariah’s class each weekend so that the kids (really the parents) could document all the fun that they have with Elsa. It would have been nice to know that Elsa was coming before I showed up at her school at 4pm on a Friday, but that’s fine, you know the Squally Squad does not disappoint!

Without further ado, I present to you, Lariah’s weekend with Elsa!


Elsa fit in very nicely at our home. Lariah showed Elsa some of her favorite educational apps on her iPad.

Later, we went to a friend’s house to walk her dog, Zema. Elsa and Zema became good friends and really enjoyed walking together.


We had a busy Saturday! We started our day by making breakfast together with the help of Lariah’s mommy. The hash browns were yummy!

Next, we took a quick trip to the Post Office. Elsa helped Lariah give the mail to the Postal Worker.

After that, we took a short trip to the West Town Mall so that Elsa & Lariah could play!

We did not stay at the mall very long because we had to make it to the movies to see Toy Story 4 on time!

We had to go to Sams Club to buy some more hash browns because we ate them all for breakfast.

In true fashionista fashion, we went to a couple of clothing stores because Lariah loves to buy new dresses.

After that we finally went home to get ready for bed after such a long day full of fun!


We slept in Sunday morning since we had so much fun on Saturday.

In the afternoon, we took a trip to Home Depot with Lariah’s ferret, Bella, because Lariah’s mommy needed a cool tool to clean the drains.

Have you ever seen a ferret riding in a child-sized shopping cart at Home Depot? If you haven’t, you’re welcome!

Later, we went to a Super Bowl party, but mommy and daddy were running late, per usual, and Elsa got left behind! She took a long, Super Bowl length nap while Lariah played gamed and showed her new friends pictures of Baby Lariah on her iPad.

Elsa and Lariah had an amazing weekend together!

I hope that you enjoyed this recap of our weekend with Elsa, the Koala Bear. It’s such an easy activity to give the kids something to look forward to and make their love for learning and school grow even more.

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already, check out our last blog post!

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