Cute little pink ballerina blobs

Sooooo I did something that most people would find super embarrassing today.. but i thought It was hilarious ???‍♀️

Lariah has ballet on Wednesday’s at 4:15. As with all of her activities here in Knoxville, she’s the only little chocolate drop in her class. That’s just how It is. Doesn’t bother her. Doesn’t bother me. ??‍♀️

At ballet, the studio has cameras in the room so we can see the kids on a tv screen in the waiting room, but the screen is split into 4 quadrants, making It harder to really tell what’s going on since each class is in one corner.

There are 8 little girls in lariah’s class now, compared to 4 last semester! And today all the moms seemed to be super interested in watching the kids class on the tv screen. I usually sit right under the tv and study (or buy Diapers. Whatever ??‍♀️) so I can’t see, but the moms were soooooo chatty and “ooohing” and “awwwwing” so I wanted to see what was going on!!

So I’m turning my head at all ridiculous angles trying to see the tv and I can’t see crap UNTIL Lariah glides across the screen. (They we’re going across the floor one at a time) we’re all laughing and complimenting Lariah because last week when the parents got to participate in their class she was AWFUL ? but today she was doing great!

Then the next little girl came and went and the next, so I go, “the only reason I can tell Lariah apart from everybody else is IS because she’s black!” And everybody’s like ,”WHATTTTT?!?” So I’m like.. “I’m sorry, I definitely should’ve prefaced that by saying I wear glasses and they all look like cute little pink blobs dancing around the screen.”


Everybody seemed much less concerned after I clarified ?? but I laughed so hard when I got in my car after class was over ???? I definitely know everybody’s kid and can tell them apart!!! I didn’t think my comment through before I said It though. Haha. ? They are all very cute and have distinct characteristics and super adorable!

Moral of the story, I just won’t be looking at the tv screen at ballet class anymore unless I find my glasses first ? ???‍♀️?

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