I don’t know about you all, but every time my child breathes too deeply, people are always kindly “suggesting” that I should give her a “temper drop”, as my mom calls it. AKA baby Tylenol! Especially before and after shots. While I take no issue with Tylenol, I do feel some type of way about the fact that it’s usually the first thing everybody recommends!  I’m an advocate for natural meds over everything if possible, and for that reason I was a huge fan of Zarbees when my daughter was a tinier tot, but I found this infant Advil for fevers on clearance at target and decided to give it a try! 

So my daughter just got her 12 month immunizations on Wednesday and we’re testing out the infant Advil fever in place of Tylenol for the post-vaccination fevers! 
Wish us luck and we’ll keep you posted! 

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