Celebrating Father’s Day the Father’s way

Father’s Day is such a big deal to so many people; it can be a huge source of anxiety for so many reasons! I have been blessed enough to have my father in my life and have the same for my daughter. There are so many people who have not been in that situation and I empathize with them today. Whether that be because their father has already moved on to another life or their father made a decision not to be present, I recognize your pain on Father’s Day and send you healing and persevering vibes!

My husband likes to plan things for me for like Mother’s Day or my birthday. I used to do the same for him, but I found that to be super stressful. I love giving credit where credit is due and going out of my way to make people feel appreciated. BUT my husband is not timely when I’m trying to surprise him; so this year I adapted! Instead of having everything planned to a “T” and setting us up to both be frustrated, I dialed it back. I just went with the flow and had a general idea of things that I wanted to do for him.

I’ll be honest, the day did not start off at ALL how I wanted it to. It took us a while to just stop, take a break, press the reset button, and try again. We are very much human and I’ll admit that my emotions got this best of me. I had just finished a 4 week internal medicine clinical rotation that had long hours and was very emotionally taxing; but I also believe in letting things run their course so that we can talk, process, and plan. That’s exactly what we did! I don’t always like the decompressing process, but love the outcome.

With all the emotional tingz out of the way, daddy said he wanted Popeyes for our breakfast, which was actually lunch, so that’s what we got! Picked it up in the drive thru and took it home. After eating and spending some time with a friend, we go back out of the house to get some things done! We took daddy to Home Depot and let him pick out some new “toys”. Last week, it took him so long to cut the yard because the lawn mower kept breaking and he kept trying to rig it up. Our weedeater broke or needed a replacement part for several months now and we’ve never had a hedge trimmer to trim our hedges. #badhomeowners So he got to live his best dad life and pick out some new gadgets to make his life easier when he’s having fun in the sun.

After that, we went to Sam’s so get some essentials for Muffin: yogurt, bacon, and yogurt. I say yogurt twice because we actually get two different brands of yogurt for her! Our Sams trip was super quick; so we ran a couple more errands and then went to Applebee’s for some cheap drinks and fries! Brad didn’t actually want to eat dinner there, he just wanted drinks. For dinner he wanted Pizza Hut boneless wings and Papa John’s Bacon Cheesesticks: so that’s what we got!

I love how low key and chill my husband is: it’s part of the reason that we get along so well. It is my sincere hope that he enjoyed his Father’s Day, not that I think he’d ever tell me if he didn’t. I already have some ideas in mind for his birthday in November, but that’s a story for another day. 😉

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  1. Tia Avatar

    Omg I love this. I did the same thing as far as going with the flow and keeping it simple but full of love!

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