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*This post is sponsored by California Psychics, but as always, all opinions are my own!*

People often comment on how clear-headed and focused I appear to be based on my social presence. While I work hard to present myself that way, getting to (and maintaining) that headspace is not always easy, nor is it always done alone. Often I find myself seeking confirmation and validation for my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions. While I do regularly see a therapist now and love it, sometimes there’s a need for more that I just can’t seem to find within my regular network of connections. That is why I like to keep a wealth of resources at my disposal to make sure that I am always prioritizing my mental health. One resource that I like to utilize is the psychic advisors from California Psychics!

Why I Chose to Get Psychic Readings

There are a lot of opinions and feelings about seeking this kind of insight but hear me out! We often desire a little inspiration before we reach our full potential; an occasional consultation with California Psychics can be just that. My family is experiencing a lot of change as of late. While it is all good change, no change comes without growing pains, stress, and doubt. When a quick convo with a loved one isn’t enough to help me, an unbiased interaction with a psychic advisor can do the trick. And yes, I have had more than one reading. There just is something truly awe-inspiring about discussing an issue with someone who knows nothing about you and getting a response that truly resonates with you. Mind-blown is a good way to explain how I felt after my first interaction with a psychic advisor.

In 2020, I met with Psychic Chloe to unpack some emotional trauma I acquired while pursuing my DVM. With every small detail I shared, she retorted back with a larger detail I had not shared. Our entire conversation went this way, and I could not believe how inherently in tune with me she was! Because of my skepticism, I was particularly guarded with how much I shared; that had no bearing on the efficacy of my reading! She was easily able to take basically nothing and give me the validation that I was seeking so that I could make peace with what was bothering me.

Repeated Success with Multiple Advisors

Since 2020, I have had multiple enjoyable interactions with other advisors at California Psychics. I have the tendency to be vague when initiating an interaction, but as the mediums impress me, I share more. In a more recent interaction with Psychic Lola, we really dug into my management of the many changes happening in our lives right now and making sure that my needs and desires are not drowned out due to me trying to accommodate others. While I don’t typically think of myself as a people pleaser, I can admit that in transition, I tend to bend more than I would normally. Recognizing that I would have some struggles with these new changes, I attempted to be proactive in getting my psychic advisor’s input on how to approach these interactions.

Thusly, my experiences get better. I work long hours as a veterinarian, so them being available 24/7 works really well for me. They have created such a safe space for me because California Psychics operates on my terms: I’m never concerned about breaches in confidentiality or lack of discretion.

The thought of trying something unconventional can be daunting, but on the other side of fear is freedom. It is up to us to decide what that freedom entails. For us, freedom in 2020 was moving across the country to a completely new state. In 2021, freedom was deciding to try for another baby. As for 2022? I have no idea what new freedoms await us; but I know that if we are ever in need of expert guidance about our life path, we can turn to California Psychics.

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