Breaking the New Baby News to Daddy

There are so many emotions involved in trying for a new baby. Most people who have the pleasure of interacting with my husband know that he and I both are pretty chill. He’s exponentially more chill than I am, but overall laidback people! The one thing that Brad requested in trying for a new baby was that I surprise him when I found out that we were pregnant. Challenge accepted!

Firstly, thank you guys so much for your well-wishes, congratulations, and overall excitement about our impending new edition! We make every attempt to reply to every comment, DM, text, call etc, but if somehow we missed you, please know that you’re just as appreciated.

Mastering the Element of Surprise

As noted in my last post, I got the positive pregnancy test on October 25, 2021! Lariah was home from school with a cold, because she’s always home from school with cold symptoms. Despite being with me while I was figuring this all out, she was pretty clueless; this gave me the opportunity to surprise them both!

Because I can never turn down a good deal, I had purchased this adorable maternity shirt with little baby feet on it that said, “Coming soon” before we ever started trying! I got it on clearance at Ross for a couple of dollars, so it was only right that it be included in the surprise. Since Riah would be surprising Daddy with me, I started looking for Big Sister shirts to complement mine. As a notorious deal shopper, I pretty easily found one at The Children’s Place that I could order for pick up later that day! The biggest annoyance was that the store is a hearty hour’s drive from my humble abode. It gave me a chance to briefly explore a new area and let Muffin get ice cream.

While I am a cookies & cream fan, Muffin prefers Vanilla.
Presentation is Everything

Now that we had our outfits, we just had to figure out what exactly to say or do. Daddy and Muffin love to hide from each other in the house. I find this VERY annoying because our current house is much more spacious than our last and literally it’s impossible to find them sometimes; especially when they cheat and move spots while you’re looking for them! Nevertheless, it seemed the most appropriate way to surprise him. So I let him know that we were hiding when he was on his way home and that he should prioritize finding us!

Other than how ridiculously surprised he was, I loved how clueless Muffin also was despite being with me all day and hearing me on the phone planning it. Truly an accurate representation of our daily interactions!

Since we are now 21 weeks, we have had our anatomy scan and the gender of our baby is now not only unopened in my email from our genetics test, but also on our refrigerator in an envelope from our ultrasound! So far, we don’t know the gender, but we do plan on finding out and sharing.

How do you think we should announce the new baby’s gender? Leave comments below!

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