Culturing a Love for Science and Investigating with AmScope’s Kids Premium Microscope

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Did you have a favorite subject in school? Here’s your daily dose of irony. My favorite subject has always been science, but I have always made my worst grades in my science classes! What I eventually discovered was that grades are not nearly as important as the knowledge imparted and the fulfillment experienced. I particularly recall being amazed at how different things could look underneath a microscope!

Science is such a diverse subject that encompasses everything that makes the way we live life today possible. When you think about virtually anything, you will get to a science concept that is the root of your original thought. Knowing that science is ever-evolving to incorporate new knowledge adds to the sense of wonder that science provides for me. This love for science, paired with my love for animals, is why I decided to pursue Veterinary Medicine. While my interests developed and matured with me, the one constant was my desire to “save all the animals with science!”

Encouraging a Love for Science

Naturally, I wish to pass on this love of science and knowledge-seeking to my daughter, who recently turned 5! I haven’t quite landed on a great word to describe my overall parenting style, but I can say that the way I try to inspire and encourage is much different than how I was raised. I believe that positive exposure is key, so I try to introduce Muffin to new things in an exciting, yet memorable way.

A couple of months ago I stumbled across AmScope while doing my content creator thing. I was instantly impressed by the quality of their products, their values, and the core mission of the company! Because I know that you’re curious, AmScope focuses on nurturing scientific curiosity and research through the use of microscopes. Founded in 1996, AmScope has always been committed to making microscopes accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. Through high-quality, affordable products and a U.S.-based customer service team, AmScope offers the tools and support for customers, young and old, to follow their curiosity – ultimately leading to a better understanding of the world around us.

We love to do little “experiments” together to explore the wonderful world around us! When Muffin asks about my workday, I tell her about how I look for parasites and bacteria under a microscope. Typically, she has no idea what I’m talking about. I wondered how I could explain what I meant in a way that she would understand.

Introducing Muffin to Her Brand New Microscope!

We received this beautiful IQCREW by AmScope 120X – 1200X Kid’s 85+ piece Premium Microscope, Color Camera and Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software Kit a couple of weeks ago and the learning has been nonstop ever since! This is certainly not your ordinary microscope. Amazingly priced at UNDER $100, this kit comes with a kid-friendly software designed by teachers and engineers that can be used to view samples on the computer (Mac & PC) with the fully colorized digital camera eyepiece tube.

Did you get that? Instead of taking turns looking through a normal eyepiece, which is also an option, we can look at our specimen TOGETHER on a computer screen! No more questioning if she’s seeing what I am seeing. Beyond examining specimens, she can capture the images to be edited or saved for our viewing pleasure later. My inner science nerd is totally geeking out over this because we have similar tech at the vet school I attended and I can guarantee you it cost much more than $100!

Let’s get into the details of the scope, though! AmScope’s Kids Premium Microscope has an updated all-metal frame and high-quality optics. Yes, this is a kid’s scope, but just like scopes used by scientists, teachers, and medical professionals, this scope has multiple magnification options, color filters, and two light sources to make viewing easy-breezy. Just as important as the quality of the microscope is the quality of the accessories that come with it. With over 85 pieces and multiple experiment ideas, it is so easy to dive in and start experimenting as soon as you open the carry case!

How to Conduct an Insightful Experiment

The beautiful thing about science is that it is everywhere! You can conduct a science experiment on just about anything you can touch. If you are having a hard time finding inspiration, that’s okay too. The AmScope Kids Premium Microscope kit comes with prepared slides and necessary items (and instructions) for a few experiments. We had such a fun time growing our Brime Shrimp that came in our kit. Look at Muffin really focusing as she puts her drops of salt water in each section below!

In the spirit of staying educated and aware during these unprecedented times, I also let Muffin put a drop of water from her unwashed hands on a slide with a coverslip and she was amazed at all the dirty things she saw on what she thought were her clean hands! Science can seriously be that simple, but also that powerful!

My husband, who is a special education teacher, is always asking me for little things to help facilitate experiments for his students. The other day he was asking me for syringes, which I scoffed at because why would I have syringes at home? Turned out, we had several! So I can’t wait for him to be able to take our IQCREW by AmScope 120X – 1200X Kid’s 85+ piece Premium Microscope, Color Camera and Interactive Kid’s Friendly Software Kit to school to do a science project with his students! Science knows no bounds; we’re doing experiments at home, at the park, and anywhere else we can socially distance with our microscope and laptop!

That’s a Wrap!

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