What is a Squally Muffin?

Most people affectionately call us Squally Muffin, but the government would call us the Herods!

My name is Dr. Laria Herod. I am a newly graduated veterinarian getting ready to make my mark in the wonderful world of veterinary medicine.

Here are 5 fun facts about me; because I know you all care!

Dr. Laria Herod, DVM
  • I’m from Memphis, Tennessee; yes, I am dangerous. 😉
  • I have this theory that I’m a double holiday baby: conceived on Valentine’s Day and born on Thanksgiving. Only one of those can be proven..
  • I went to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for Undergrad AND Veterinary School.
  • I minored in Chemistry and Child & Family Studies in undergrad; my interests expand far and wide and I hate when people try to put me in a box. Researching and continuing to educate myself is my idea of a good time!

Several years ago, I got into an entanglement with the man who would first become the father of our child.. and 5 months later, become my husband. His name is Bradford, but you can call him Brad.

Bradford Herod

Here are 5 fun facts about Brad; because he’s great too!

  • He’s from Nashville, TN!
  • He also attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; this is actually where we met!
  • He has a psychology degree that he uses to work with children to help them create better futures. He truly is a hero!
  • Brad loves to play video games in his free time. Especially violent, graphic games. And sports.
  • People think that Brad doesn’t talk much, but I swear that he has lots to say when no one is around!!

Together, we made the star of the show, Lariah, AKA Squally Muffin. Our brand is named after Lariah. She’s always been a happy screamer, but as cute as a muffin!

I know that my name and Lariah’s names look very similar, but they are pronounced differently.

{Laria, like Maria; Lariah, like Mariah}.

Laria explaining to everyone how her name is different from her daughter’s name.

Because I know that Muffin is easily the favorite, I’ll give you 5 fun facts about her as well!

Lariah Brae’
Squally Muffin
  • Lariah was born in Memphis, TN like her mommy! She is a Libra.
  • She is the truest embodiment of a social butterfly. She loves to talk to whoever will listen and she’s quick to tell you that you’re her best friend.
  • My girl loves CHICKEN NUGGETS. On the daily, she will request chicken nuggets from every fast food restaurant she can think of.
  • Like her daddy, Muffin likes to play video games. Even the violent ones. She will literally watch other people play games that she likes on YouTube.
  • Muffin is perfect in every way and it is her goal in life to convince you to buy everything she advertises with her sweet smile.

After our huge move across the country (Tennessee to Arizona), we adopted our first family dog, GiGi the Chinese Crested!

5 Fun Facts about GiGi!

  • GiGi is actually her nickname. Her real name is Giana Ohana.
  • I found GiGi on one of my casual craigslist scrolls and rolled the dice by reaching out to her previous owner. She was so happy to find a family who would truly embrace her!
  • GiGi HATES being naked. Because my job is inside of a pet store.. home girl has a lot of clothes.
  • GiGi is a full-blooded Chinese Crested.
  • She is the definition of a scavenger. If there is a way, SHE WILL GET TO IT AND EAT IT.

The 4 of us make up Squally Muffin!

Together, we create adorably fun family-based content for various companies while we share our lives with you all!

If this is your first time “meeting” us, please know that we are very pleased to have you here! We work very hard to foster an environment of honesty, inclusion, and love!

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