I really just want to say how BLESSED I am to have such a strong and vast supportive network!
For those who don’t know, I am a first year Veterinary medical school student at UTCVM. I am also a wife and a mother to Squally Muffin, or better known as Lariah Braè. Vet school is rumored to be one of the toughest types of schooling out there; and I am definitely in agreement because it is kicking MY butt left, right, up, down, vertical, sideways, diagonal, and every other directional term that exists!!! Am I doing well? Nope, but I’m not giving up yet even though it seems like all the academic odds are against me because of small blessings like this.

I had to bring Lariah to our Advanced Anatomy lab and initially we sat in the farthest back corner, but as I failed to answer any of the lab questions and started to get frustrated, 2 of my classmates invited us to sit next to them so I could ask them questions. Great! ?

Dr.Donnell was the head man in charge of this particular lab and every time he came by, Lariah wanted to play with him, so he picked her up and carried her around.

It was the cutest and sweetest thing I had ever seen!! ???

It reminded me that my veterinary school classmates and teachers are my family too; and they want to help us succeed. ????❤️
More than anything, it was great to be able to attend class and tend to my child. I’m more than blessed! ?

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